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Newpower International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (the "Group"), was built upon the foundations laid by Newpower International (Trading) Co., Ltd. Established in 1982, the Group was able to capitalize on the new environment created by Deng Xiaoping's 'Open Door' Policy. Since then, the Group has grown with, and remains at the forefront of, China's dynamic market.

The Group initially specialized in the trading of machinery for the cable and wire industry, but during the buoyant mid-eighties began to branch out to cover a range of related activities. Expansion extended Newpower Group's business portfolio from the traditional machinery trading to joint-venture manufacturing as well as the provision of business and investment advisory services.

In 1985, increasing opportunities in China suggested that the time was ripe for the opening of a local representative office, and the Beijing office was established. In 1993, another office was added in Shanghai to capture emerging opportunities.

The Group had a major business focus repositioning in 1996, changing from the traditionally low value-added trading sector to the high value-added service industry. Ever since, Newpower has had its resources devoted in the following three areas:

  • Trading
  • Investment
  • Consultancy

The Group's Head Office was moved to Beijing in 1997 and is now the center for marketing, public relations and policy decisions. Divisional Managers are based in various locations where they provide timely, on-the-ground resources for services across China. Senior Board Advisors in Brussels, London and Washington, DC serve the needs of international clients.

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