¤¤ ¤å Chinese

In China, only the informed and experienced can deliver long-term success. Over the last two decades Newpower Group (the "Group") has been committed to China trade, investment and consulting, and we continue to develop the expertise, experience and resources needed to seize business opportunities in this market.

With so many political and economic factors affecting the Chinese market, constant innovation is needed if one is to maintain a competitive position. Under the Newpower Group corporate umbrella, we have built a solid market position through the trading of industrial machinery and our involvement in the manufacturing sector. Building on the Group's established networks and industrial expertise, we will continue to put in management, technical and capital resources to build an even stronger presence in China.

China's recent entry into the WTO signifies the beginning of another high-growth era and will provide new business opportunities for growth. Newpower Group will move forward in this challenging era with a clear vision of the future, and the power of an experienced team to help shape it.